About Espace K

At Espace K, hairstyling is an art form. This concept lies at the core of founder Élise Cabana's philosophy. Established in 2013, Espace K's mission is to provide an unforgettable beauty experience in an urban and serene setting. With a personalized approach and cutting-edge technical mastery of the latest trends, our entire team is dedicated to delivering the refinement and authenticity of a high-end salon to our clientele. Our team consists of various stylists and colorists with varying levels of experience. In April 2022, owners Élise Cabana and Alexandre Sénécal acquired a second location in Mont Saint-Hilaire.

At Espace K, we believe in the potential of all our artists, which is why we have multiple stylist levels. They all undergo the same training; it's their years of experience that set them apart. Stylists at level 1 are just starting their careers, while level 2, 3, and 4 stylists have more experience. The stylist levels influence the pricing.